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Professional Pilot Preparedness Knowledge Training Criteria & Certification Testing

PABC is an independent, international non-profit organization that enhances aviation safety by testing the pre-employment knowledge of licensed pilots seeking to enter this profession. 

Aviation insurers encourage the air transport industry to use PABC's 3PK Professional Pilot Preparedness Knowledge Test as a way to identify any gaps in a pilot's knowledge that will degrade his/her performance during Initial New Hire (INH) and type-rating training and possibly beyond.

The 3PK criteria are designed to serve the industry best practice for the pre-employment (ab initio) knowledge training provided for aspiring professional pilot cadets. It will collaboratively developed by PABC and the 7 Stakeholders shown below, and PABC’s 3PK testing of pilot knowledge and competence will be based on those criteria. Note: PABC neither develops nor conducts ab initio training courses, but PABC’s knowledge criteria will be made available for use by designers, instructors, regulators and pilots.


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